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  • Re:Cognition Health  – Pioneering New Treatments to Slow Down the Progression of Memory ImpairmentA national survey conducted by Re:Cognition Health, revealed British adults are more concerned they will develop Alzheimer’s or dementia (38%) than cancer or heart disease combined (32%). These findings are not surprising, especially when taking into consideration that dementia is the only leading cause of death that is still on the rise, it is the biggest killer in England and Wales and 850,000 people nationwide are living with a diagnosis.
  • We caught up with the team at SovaCare to discuss their innovative ExperienceTable – designed to help facilitate interaction and communication between people with dementia and others.
  • Helping Hands celebrates 30 years in home care with its customers.

    During May, Helping Hands Home Care will celebrate the company’s 30th year in providing quality care – with the help of some of their most loyal and longest-standing customers.

  • Help Find a Cure for Alzheimer’s – CHARIOT Register at the Alzheimer’s Show

    We caught up with Professor Lefkos Middleton and Emily Pickering of Imperial College London, who manage the CHARIOT Register, to find out how people can get involved with the search to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.


    20 May 2019

    For the first time The Virtual Dementia Tour will feature at The Alzheimer’s Show Friday 7th and Saturday 8th June 2019, Olympia London.


  • Technology Assisted Independent Living from SweetTree Home Care Services

    We caught up with Barry Sweetbaum of SweetTree Home Care Services to discuss the cutting-edge Technology Assisted Independent Living (TAIL) system they’re developing to enable people to remain healthy, independent and safe in their own homes. Here’s what he told us:

  • There are many useful guides available that help people to live well following a dementia / Alzheimer’s diagnosis. And, of course, you can always get face to face advice from medical and healthcare professionals at the annual Alzheimer’s Show.

    Here’s an overview of the main points highlighted by the NHS in their guide to Living Well With Dementia:

    Stay Socially Active

  • Dementia Adventure at the Alzheimer’s Show and Beyond

    We had a chat with Simon Thorp of national dementia charity – Dementia Adventure– about their ethos, their plans for the future, and what they get out of regularly attending the Alzheimer’s Show.

  • An Update from Tovertafel – The Magic Table for People with DementiaWe catch up with John Ramsay, about his experience at this year’s Alzheimer’s Show and what’s in store for the Tovertafel in the future.
  • Whirlwind romance to dementia diagnosis at just 46.
    • Rosemary Westwell’s husband, John, was diagnosed with behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD) when he was just 46.
    • He is about to turn 72 and has been living in a care home full-time for a number of years.
    • He can no longer speak or move, and needs 24-hour care.
    • Rosemary has written a powerful book about his experience, called John, Dementia and Me, and is speaking at this year’s Alzheimer’s Show about their experience.