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Ezone Social Media

Social Media Accounts, Handles & Hashtags

Social Media is a brilliant promotional tool to communicate to your target audiences quickly and widely. There are great opportunities to be had within social media and all our shows have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages so please utilise our websites, handles and hashtags so you can keep your customers updated with the progress of the show. 

Don’t forget when posting to include any hashtags relating to your products or service alongside our hashtag and handles.

We aren’t just about sharing our own content so if you tag our handles we’ll share and retweet your posts too. Please note: we endeavour to share as much content as possible, but we must ensure that we share information about a range of different products, services and companies meaning we can’t share everything, all the time.






Attach your personalised tracked link to direct your audience to book tickets:

You can shorten this link before you post it on socials (bitly is good for this)



Social Media Banners

(Right click and save image to download)

Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter Graphic:

Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter Banner

Instagram Graphic:

Instagram Graphic