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03 May 2018


Ever Wondered What it’s Like Working in Dementia Care?

Four Seasons Health Care have put together a video of some of their staff members outlining why it is they love working in dementia care.

Elita Klive – deputy manager at Dene Grange Care Home – explains how she likes that she can really make a difference to people’s lives.

Mary Tanner – activities leader at Copper Beeches Care Home – tells us how she loves working with dementia, as it’s lovely to be able to see a smile on resident’s faces, which really makes her day.

Craig Lee – care home assistant practitioner at Astell Care Home – outlines how the role provides so many positives and so much satisfaction, with the feeling that you’ve genuinely helped someone at the end of the working day.

Caroline Miskin – care assistant at Dene Grange Care Home – lets us know that her role is so rewarding and gives you the sense you’ve done something for them.

Deborah Davison – dementia unit manager at Highfield Hall Care Home – doesn’t consider it to be a job, as it’s not task oriented and she loves spending time with the people.

If you’re thinking about a career in dementia care – or you simply want to know more about what it’s like for the people involved – watch the video below.

You can also meet representatives from Four Seasons Health Care (and other care providers) at this year’s Alzheimer’s Show to explore the opportunity of working in dementia care, or if you want to know more about care homes in general.

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