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28 Feb 2023


THE REVOLUTIONARY AI-POWERED FALL DETECTION SYSTEMALTUS is pleased to introduce its clients to the most advanced fall detection system around – NOBI.

The likelihood of someone falling grows with age, and the consequences can be rather serious when they do. Accidental falls can result in significant injuries such as fractured bones or brain trauma, leading to hospitalisation or even fatalities in extreme cases. This is especially important for elderly people who live alone since they might not have anybody to assist them if they experience a fall. The good news is that technology has progressed to the point where devices such as the Nobi Fall Detection system can assist in avoiding falls and decrease the effect of accidents that have already occurred.

Powered By AI

The Nobi Fall Detection system is an innovative technology that uses sensors driven by artificial intelligence to track the movement of individuals within a space. The system can identify if a person has fallen. If it does, it will send an alarm to a caretaker, a member of the family, or even emergency services if it is deemed essential.

No Wearables Required

The fact that the Nobi system does not necessitate the use of any wearables or specialised equipment is what sets it apart from other similar technologies. The fact that the system is built into the ceiling makes it inconspicuous and eliminates the need for any modifications to the surrounding environment in the house.

How Does NOBI Work?

A mix of optical and thermal sensors in the system accomplishes the detection of falls. The visual sensors are comparable to those that are found in security cameras, and they can detect changes in a person’s movement as well as changes in their location. Thermal sensors can detect variations in temperature.

The camera and sensors combined with the app can show a person’s position and whether or not they are moving.

The Nobi system is designed to send an alarm to the receiver of your choice if it detects a fall.

This alert contains all the pertinent information required for the recipient to respond rapidly.


The Nobi system was developed to be simple for users to set up and use. It can be integrated into the lighting system already present. Setting up takes a few hours and when the system has been implemented, it can be modified to the user’s specifications to meet their requirements. For instance, it is possible to set it up to signal an alarm if the monitored person loses their balance, falls or stops moving for a certain amount of time.

Peace of Mind

The ability of the Nobi system to give family members and carers some measure of relief from anxiety is one of its most significant advantages. Knowing that their loved ones are being monitored can give a sense of security while also reducing the stress and worry connected with the natural ageing process.

Free Up Your Workload

Caregivers, who may need to check on their loved ones regularly to guarantee their safety, may find it easier to manage their workload with the help of this system.

Prevent Falls & Improve Way of Life

The Nobi system may be used to improve the quality of life for older citizens in addition to its primary function of providing fall detection. The system has been designed to turn the lights automatically whenever someone enters a room. This feature, which can assist in lowering the danger of falling, is one of the many benefits the system offers. It may also be used to operate other equipment in the home, such as the television or the thermostat, which makes it much simpler for elderly people to maintain control of their surroundings.

Nobi Can Make Life Easier For Elderly People and the People Who Care For Them

The Nobi Fall Detection system is generally a transformational innovation for elder care. It offers a solution for fall detection that is inconspicuous and simple to use, which may assist in preventing major injuries and provide carers and family members with peace of mind.

ALTUS is offering a free 30 day trial to businesses and individuals who book a 30 minute product demo and consultation with them on stand 31 @ Alzheimer’s Dementia & Care Show on the 3rd and 4th March 2023. Book your demo slot here:

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