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03 Apr 2024


The National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) responds to the recent Spring Budget Statement, emphasising the vital connection between the health and social care sectors and the urgent need for equitable investment to prioritise the wellbeing of individuals.

While acknowledging positive steps for NHS funding, NAPA highlights the essential role of both sectors in providing holistic care for individual wellbeing. The social care workforce deserves to be supported and funded as a priority.

NAPA’s Executive Director Hilary Woodhead said: There is a pressing need to address the substantial funding gap in adult social care, emphasising the necessity for a comprehensive, long-term solution to ensure the wellbeing of individuals and the quality of all care and support services. NAPA is eager to collaborate with policymakers for reforms that value and support the activity and care workforce while prioritising the wellbeing of individuals who use both health and social care services. 

NAPA is a national charity, the UKs Professional Body for Activity Providers and the sector’s Wellbeing Association.

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