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14 Apr 2018


Nina Clark is a musical activist, singer-songwriter and professional musician with a specialism in inclusive creativity. Her passion for making music accessible to everyone has seen her lead musical projects, workshops and courses across age groups and in a variety of sectors, championing the numerous benefits to health and wellbeing musical participation can offer.


In her first appearance at the Alzheimer’s Show, Nina will be modeling the practice of her community interest company Musical Walkabout CIC, in the exhibitor workshop space on Saturday as well as interactive musical sessions on the show floor. Musical Walkabout CIC provides a modern minstreling service for diverse communities facing social isolation, using a bespoke person-centred approach to music engagement.

With the bulk of clients being care facilities in Shepway, May 2018 will find Nina piloting the launch of Musical Walkabout in East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust on a 12 week trial, encouraging patients in two hospitals dementia wards to participate in sessions.

Nina currently runs a number of initiatives providing access to music for clients in the health and social care, education, elder care and mental health sectors and the homeless communities, recognising the many benefits music offers to the wellbeing of participants. The evolution of her professional musical practice reaches beyond performer, to practitioner, advocate and engaging public speaker regarding music and inclusive creativity.

For more information about Musical Walkabout CIC, please visit

For more information about Nina’s community group singing workshops, vlogs and other advocacies, please visit

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