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19 Apr 2014


A beautiful poem by one of our supporters, Emma Barraclough.Dear Grandad

Emma’s interest in creating awareness of dementia comes from first-hand experience.

Until 18 month ago, Emma’s granddad was a lively life and soul of the community, who was independent and living on his own. This was until he had a stroke that left him with dementia.

Emma’s Granddad now lives in a care home and sadly his dementia has got worse and his mental health has deteriorated rapidly, while his physical health is fine.

Emma can’t stress how soul destroying this has been for the family. One day he’s smiley and chatty and the next he’s screaming and lashing out. Dementia is a cruel illness that there is no cure, but Emma feels passionately that people need to be made more aware.

Emma recently wrote a poem called “Dear Grandad.

We would like to share Emma’s poem with you.

Thank you, Emma Barraclough

“Dear Granddad”

Dear Grandad,

Dementia got inside your brain,

Your personality is no longer the same.

We know it’s not you when you shout and lash out!

We’re here for you forever without a doubt.

It’s hard to see you filled with so much anger,

When only 18 months ago you had moves like Jagger!

When you tell us that you’ve lost your mind,

It hurts so much I could curl up and cry.

Don’t you worry we know it’s not your fault, dementia took over,

I’d call it assault!

We know behind that vacant look,

There’s a very special gentleman dementia took.

We’ll hold your hand and keep you safe,

Dementia won’t beat this family that’s no mistake!

You’ve looked after your family and friends your whole life through,

And now it’s our honour and duty to do the very same for you.

By Emma Barraclough, granddaughter

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