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14 Feb 2021


Experience what it’s really like to have dementia

Understand what’s going on in your brain during the Virtual Dementia Tour

Improve the lives of people living with dementia


Virtual Dementia TourThe Virtual Dementia Tour & Training Experience is a ‘must do’ activity for everyone who wants to help people living with dementia to gain a better quality of life. This includes those who work in any form of dementia care and those who are living with someone with dementia. Or if you simply want a better understanding of dementia and how it affects people’s daily lives.


The full Virtual Dementia Tour & Training Experience is usually given in group sessions to Care Homes, NHS Trusts, Universities, Public Services etc – with over 200,000 people a year in the UK taking part.

Exclusively to this event you’ll be able to experience the Full Tour and subsequent Training session as an individual. Simply Book Your Place now at The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Show on 14th and 15th June 2024.


What’s Included?

The full Dementia Tour is an 8 minute immersive dementia experience where you get to feel what it’s like to live with dementia. (The FREE shorter version of the Tour, available at the show on a first come first served basis, is based on a 3 minute experience).

The subsequent 75 minute comprehensive Training session gives you a full debrief of what was happening in your brain during the Tour.

This Training further equips you with a greater knowledge and understanding of how to make life better for people living with dementia. (Research by the University of Ulster shows that 97% of people taking part increase their knowledge and 95% change their subsequent behaviour, leading to significantly improved outcomes).

Training 2 CARE’s Managing Director, Glenn Knight comments “The VDT is the only method of helping staff and families to really understand the changes that we need to make to become a dementia interpreter.  By understanding the issues faced by a person with dementia, we can unlock new ways to communicate, understand their behaviours, reduce frustration, anxiety and really improve their lives.  Training 2 CARE are proud to have delivered this amazing training across the UK and will continue to increase knowledge by allowing you to walk in their shoes”.

Book Your Dementia Tour & Training Experience Now

At just £60* – including entry to The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Show – the full Virtual Dementia Tour & Training Experience is sure to be extremely popular and is only available by booking in advance. * Booking fee applies.

Please note: 

– The full Virtual Dementia Tour Training includes Professional 1 day entry to the show and CPD certificates for Training and Attendance
– There are a maximum of 12 places per timed session. If fully booked, please select another time/day
– Discount codes do not apply to these tickets 

The full Virtual Dementia Tour Training consists of two parts:
Part One: Virtual Dementia Tour Experience Room.
Ticket holders must complete the 8 minute immersive room experience at any time of the day, but at least 30 minutes prior to your (Part two) timed session. The Virtual Dementia Tour is towards the back of the hall. Ticket holders have VIP entry to the Experience Room – ask a member of the VDT team.

Part Two: Virtual Dementia Tour De-brief Training – timed session.

This 75 minute de-brief session will be held in a room near to the Virtual Dementia Tour. These are the specific timed sessions, maximum 12 people per session. Please show your printed entry ticket to a member of the team.

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