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05 May 2015


The Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy (BAT) Foundation is the new health & wellbeing charitable arm of Bounce Leisure Ltd.

The Charity’s remit is to deliver a national Table Tennis Therapy programme, which will provide equipment and trained personnel, to settings specialising in dementia & Alzheimer’s care across the U.K.

The BAT Foundation is also committed to instigating a campaign of clinical research into the benefits that table tennis can have on those of all ages whom are living with the early symptoms of dementia.
The BAT Foundation, as well as increasing public awareness of the devastating impact that dementia & Alzheimer’s can cause, will also deliver a carefully designed therapy programme, providing resources and specialised training for care staff.

The Bat Foundation, in collaboration with Butterfly, is proud to be part of the Alzheimer’s Show, bringing a unique stand to the event, under the banner ‘BAT & Butterfly Vs Alzheimer’s’, to display their prototype table tennis table, one that has been specially designed to add another level of experience for dementia players, by applying an innovative environment that will proactively enhance the therapy.

UnknownThe table will be available for everyone to play on, both visitors and exhibitors alike, with professional coaches on hand to give helpful skill tips if required. There will also be a ping pong robot to play against, as well as games and challenges throughout the day, plus a special tournament for the Show’s exhibitors to join in.

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