Exhibitor Zone

Welcome to the Exhibitor Zone for The Alzheimer’s Show London 2022

All information relating to exhibiting can been obtained on the ‘Exhibitor Zone’ website which will be online in December 2021.
Contact Maxine Smith the Operations Manager or Nigel Ward, Event Director for login password.
Email: msmith@alzheimersshow.co.uk  nward@alzheimersshow.co.uk
Below are ‘See Us At’ banners and an A4 poster for you to promote your participation in the Alzheimer’s Show 2022.
Click on the images to download.
[media link=”https://alzheimersshow.co.uk/london/download/2097/” image=”4058″][media link=”https://alzheimersshow.co.uk/london/download/2099/” image=”4060″][media link=”https://alzheimersshow.co.uk/london/download/2853/” image=”4059″]
[media link=”https://alzheimersshow.co.uk/london/download/2109/” image=”4065″]