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If you would like to become a Dementia Intepreter, we have kindly been given a discount code for £5 off the £25 training fee. Visit and use the code: AlzheimersShow5

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The Alzheimer’s Show are proud to support the launch of The Dementia Dictionary and Dementia Interpreters.

Revolutionary new “Dementia Dictionary” set to change the dementia landscape through a global network of dementia interpreters.

Launched by Training 2 Care (UK) Ltd, the “Dementia Dictionary” and Register of Dementia Interpreters is a revolutionary new online portal with one main aim, to reconnect families to their loved ones through learning the language of dementia.

Through an innovative, easy to use design, the Dementia Dictionary is a free website and digital service accessible to anyone so they can learn how to reconnect to a loved one who may struggle or have lost the ability to communicate.  

Driven to change the Dementia Landscape, Training2Care founder and creator of the Dementia Dictionary Glenn Knight, believes that building a network of Registered Dementia Interpreters he will provide families with an accessible professional body to reach out to for support, shared experiences and to answer their questions.  

Glenn commented, “Imagine what it must be like to live a life where no one speaks your language and you can’t understand theirs, how would you feel? Well, this is the reality for over 850,000 people who have a dementia in the UK alone and this why we are so driven to create new ways to bridge the gap between those who have the disease and the people who support them.  

“Communication is the foundation of everyday life and has huge impact on mental health and wellbeing. With less than 10% of the UK’s care workforce educated in the art of communication and just a staggering 3% taught specific dementia communication training, things need to change, and fast!  

Building a network of specialist Dementia Interpreters who can translate behaviours, actions, noises and situations into an accessible, everyday language for families has long been a personal ambition for Glenn. “The Dementia Dictionary will bring people together to share professional knowledge combined with everyday experiences to help families learn the language of dementia and so importantly reconnect with their loved ones” 

Already well received by care providers, staff and dementia specialists, Sarah Jennings Head of Quality & Development for Majesticare luxury care homes commented; “You only need to speak to Glenn once to know why becoming a Dementia Interpreter will be a game changer in our sector.  

Across all our Majesticare homes, teams have embraced the incredible “Virtual Dementia” training which allows them to feel what it can be to live with a dementia and have become registered Dementia Interpreters. The impact in our memory care community for our carers, families and residents has just been amazing and for us… this is just the beginning!” 

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