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Supporter Spotlight: The Good Care Group. Do you care for a loved one with Dementia? Do you need advice on how to effectively communicate with them to ensure they are receiving the care and choices they desire? Read the top tips for communicating with a loved one with dementia in the latest The Good Care Group guide.  FIND OUT MORE…

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The Alzheimer’s Show 25th & 26th March, Business Design Centre, London

The UK’s only event dedicated to Alzheimer’s and dementia

We understand caring for someone with dementia, whether as a family member or professional isn’t easy. That’s why we want to share with you the very latest knowledge, products and expertise on the subject.

Since 2013 over 18,000 families, carers and healthcare professionals have benefited from the experience of visiting the show. And it really is an experience. Whether it’s hearing speakers talk about the latest developments, interacting and trying out new products or just having a chat with someone who understands and empathises with your situation.

Learn    Share    Experience

The UK’s leading event for Alzheimer’s and dementia is your opportunity to learn more from leading experts, share ideas and information with fellow professionals and for the first time at a UK event experience the full Virtual Dementia Tour.

Healthcare professionals

  • Professional and recognised event to further enhance your learning and professional development
  • Certificate of attendance (upon request) to put towards CPD
  • Network with other professionals and share practical advice and experiences
  • Listen to and meet the top people in the field of dementia
  • Learn about complex issues such as communication, behaviour, delirium, nutrition and Mental Capacity Act
  • Take part in The Virtual Dementia Tour; FREE short experiences and for the first time at any event, visitors can book the complete training session. Read more.
  • Find information, products and services to help with everyday activities
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Public and family carers

  • Discover and try out new products designed to make life easier for people with dementia
  • Chat with Admiral Nurses and Alzheimer’s Society Advisers in our FREE 1-2-1 Clinics and benefit from their specialist training and expert advice
  • See live demonstrations of dementia-related products and services, to help you in your everyday life
  • Hear informative and inspiring talks from leading specialists, carers and people living with dementia in one of three theatres and take part in daily ‘Question Time’ sessions
  • Take part in The Virtual Dementia Tour; FREE short experiences and for the first time at any event, visitors can book the complete training session. Read more.
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FREE Virtual Dementia Tour and especially for professionals, the only event where individuals can take the FULL Virtual Dementia Tour Training. If your organisation hasn’t given you the chance to take part in this unique training facility, Training2Care are running sessions throughout the 2 days. Cost is £45 and includes entry to the show at any time.


Our 3 theatres have a wide range of topics presented by our dementia experts, including:

  • Jackie Pool – How can engagement in meaningful activity contribute to cognitive, physical and mental health?
  • Dr Simon Adelman – Managing behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.
  • Angelo Makri – Top tips for communicating with people with dementia.
  • Nicki Bones – Sleep disturbance in Dementia.
  • Dr Emer MacSweeney – How the Global Biomarker and Treatment Revolution is finally solving the Alzheimer’s Disease Pandemic.
  • Julie Green – Pain and Communication.
  • Peter Berry – Living well with dementia – a personal view.
  • plus many more…

Personal, face to face 25 minute appointments with Admiral Nurses, and Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Advisors – all sessions are free and can be booked on the day.


Discover hundreds of practical ideas and new solutions from a wide range of dementia and care specialists. Exhibitors include businesses and organisations offering a range of products and services including: care at home, care homes, living aids, reminiscence therapy, funding, training, telecare, assistive technology, charity, research, legal, education and finance.

NEW FOR 2022 – Full Virtual Dementia Tour Training

Full Virtual Dementia Tour & Training Experience

As well as the FREE short Virtual Dementia Experience, for the first time in the UK – and the only opportunity you’ll have this year – you’ll be able to participate as an individual in the full Virtual Dementia Tour & Training Experience.

Delivered to over 200,000 people a year in group sessions (for NHS Trusts, Care Homes etc), this is a fully immersive 8 minute Virtual Dementia Tour session, followed by a comprehensive 75 minute Training & Understanding session – a ‘must do’ experience for anyone involved in caring for people with dementia.

Spaces are limited and should be booked in advance. Click here for more information.

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Hear what our supporters say about the show.

Hilda Hayo, CEO, Dementia UK

Barbara Stephens, Dementia Pathfinders

What’s on at The Alzheimer’s Show 2022

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Supporter DemDicArtboard 2 copy 3Dementia Dictionary

The Alzheimer’s Show are proud to support the Dementia Dictionary, a new free service helping to create an understanding of the Language of Dementia. In most forms of dementia the ability to speak normally will be impaired and therefore the brain will find new ways to communicate via actions, noises, behaviours and body language, this is called the Language of Dementia. The Dementia Dictionary “a freely available service” allows us to translate these into a recognised language. Read more here or visit for more information and find out how to help.