Visitor Marketing

[block_title title=”Visitor Marketing”][/block_title]
[services_small title=”Strategic Partnership Marketing” icon=”moon-people” dynamic_content_type=”content”]The Alzheimer’s Show is held in association with Alzheimer’s Society and supported by Alzheimer’s Research UK and Dementia UK. The event will be featured on the home pages of their websites and communicated to supporters and members via website banners, e-shots and supporter magazines. Promotional posters and information are available to download.[/services_small]
[services_small title=”Consumer Advertising” icon=”moon-newspaper” dynamic_content_type=”content”]Press – insertions in the Daily Mail, Telegraph and London Metro. Combined readership of 7.8 million.

Posters – Platform, escalator and lift panels at high traffic mainline and underground stations.

Social Media – Facebook and Twitter used along with targeted sponsored posts.[/services_small]

[services_small title=”Professional Advertising” icon=”moon-book” dynamic_content_type=”content”]Insertions in Journal of Dementia Care, Caring Times, Occupational Therapy News, Nursing Times and Nursing Older People. Online activity with Care Industry News.[/services_small]
[services_small title=”PR” icon=”moon-pencil-2″ dynamic_content_type=”content”]High profile PR campaign with articles and features in the Telegraph, Independent, regional press, radio and online.


[services_small title=”Direct Mail” icon=”moon-envelop-3″ dynamic_content_type=”content”]30,000 visitor leaflets distributed to Alzheimer’s Research UK supporters, Alzheimer’s Society local offices, Admiral Nurse centres, Dementia UK and Memory Clinics.[/services_small]
[services_small title=”Exhibitor Marketing” icon=”moon-file-download” dynamic_content_type=”content”]Pack containing visitor leaflet, logos, digital banners and poster available for all exhibitors. Banners and logos to be used on exhibitor websites and in marketing material.[/services_small]