The Alzheimer’s Show

For families and carers, public and professionals caring for a person affected by dementia. Find the very best help, support, practical advice, information, products and services.

The Care Act 2014 – What will this mean for my finances and my home?
Following requests from visitors, click here The Care Act 2014 to download the presentation by Tish Hanifan, Barrister and Jt Chair of Society of Later Life Advisers.


If you are planning to visit The Alzheimer’s Show London with a person you care for, you can both make use of the SweetTree Quiet Room staffed by their specialist dementia team. One hour of free support is available. Click here for more information. There will be a range of practical activities for you both to take part in as well as the opportunity to meet an Admiral Nurse for a 1-2-1 consultation. There are also plenty of seating areas and a first class cafe.